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Le Mourier Training

Leading providers of First Aid and Leisure Industry Training and courses to local schools, hotels and other businesses in Jersey

Le Mourier Student Teachers Programme (13+)

The Student Teacher Programme is the first step to teaching swimming. The course teaches them the basics behind Teaching Swimming / Key rescue techniques as well as allowing them to work alongside our full time career teachers in some of our lessons.

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Really good and informative course and tutor was great. Hopefully we will never have to use what we have learnt however feel more confident should we need to. Thank you 


The Safety Award for Teachers (SAT) was a brilliant course which enables me to be more confident in my ability to deal with emergency sitiations if they were to arise during teaching swimming lessons


I have just completed the STA Level 2 re certification qualification.Stuart (the trainer) is an incredibly knowledgeable person.He was able to explain lots of points about the heart and circulation in order to help us understand what we might see in a first aid situation. He was professional and friendly.The facilities were good and the course was interesting Many thanks Di


Excellent infant and child choking and CPR course this evening, really well delivered and valuable. Thank you 


Stuart set the course at a good passes and was very knowledgable. Le Mourier have been great at being very accommodating so I could come to the course when it was most convenient for me. Would highly recommend it.


A very informative course. Stuart, the trainer, was very knowledgable and there was plenty opportunity to ask questions and practice what we had learned.


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